Your Body and the Stars: The Zodiac as Your Wellness Guide

The first book of its kind, Your Body and the Stars uses the zodiac as a guide to wellness.

While you may be more familiar with astrology as a pop-cultural phenomenon featuring pithy horoscopes in popular media, it is actually a complex system of study akin to Traditional Chinese Medicine or Ayurveda. Astrology’s known origins date back to Babylonian records, and its connection to health includes Plato, Aristotle and Hippocrates (considered the father of modern medicine), all the way through the academic institutions of the Middle Ages. The concept may be new to you, but civilizations throughout history have looked to the stars to empower our understanding of ourselves and our world.

Your Body and the Stars asks the reader “what if?” … and then applies this ancient lens to your modern life.

For instance: Do you suffer from neck tension? Read the Taurus chapter to learn what lessons underlie the physical stress (along with fun facts about your neck). How about lower back pain? Receive preventive tips and exercises in the chapter on Libra (along with a new understanding of your spine). Your Body and the Stars is a comprehensive reference guide that delves deep into the twelve zodiac signs and the specific body region each sign represents—from your head (Aries) to your toes (Pisces). Use the book by identifying your birth sign or by the body region that needs healing attention. End-of-chapter tips, questions, and illustrated step-by-step exercises based on a mix of yoga, stretch & strengthening movements, and Pilates are provided so you can bring the concepts to life.

The net result is a practical, thought-provoking and enjoyable approach to wellbeing for all levels.

Your Body and the Stars is authored by bio-energy physician/educator Stephanie Marango, MD, in collaboration with Harper's Bazaar astrologer, Rebecca Gordon. They combine their individual expertise to bring the story of the stars to physical life, providing a lifelong guide that illuminates your head-to-toe connection to the cosmos.

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“I love how Dr. Stephanie and Rebecca take your body and soul to another dimension with merging the physical, metaphysical, and mind within-depth exploration of relating ourselves to every zodiac sign. Your Body and the Stars deeply educated me on opening my eyes on how much I needed to use elements of the other signs to make me whole. Brilliant!” (Elisabeth Halfpapp, executive vice president of Mind-body Programming, cofounder of exhale, cocreator of Core Fusion™ barre, and coauthor of Barre Fitness)“This is a beautiful book by Dr. Stephanie and Rebecca Gordon. I have been fascinated with astrology and health for nearly fifty years and what these women have put together is informative and helpful for anyone interested in astrology and body relationships, and how you can use them for greater wellbeing. I highly recommend Your Body and the Stars.” (Elson M. Haas, MD, integrative family physician ( and author of Staying Healthy with the Seasons, Staying Healthy with Nutrition)

“Carl Sagan said, ‘We are made of star-stuff,’ and in their groundbreaking new book, Your Body and the Stars, astrologer Rebecca Gordon and holistic physician Dr. Stephanie back up this powerful cosmic concept with an integrative wellness guide that shows you, through practical tools and a cosmically artful health program, how to maximize your overall well-being. Through understanding the relationship between the signs and your physical body, Rebecca and Dr. Stephanie take you on a journey of self-discovery that will bring you into harmony with the stars and the physical world and show you how to live in optimal wellness.” (Ronnie Grishman, editor-in-chief, Dell Horoscope magazine)

“Bravo, Dr. Stephanie and Rebecca! I am now fascinated to know that my physical body, and all that I ask it to do, is so profoundly influenced by my metaphysical connection to the universe. The wisdom that I have taken from these pages has deepened my appreciation of my body and my understanding of the Mind-Body concept, which is so prevalent in our fitness programs at exhale. Thanks for such a great read. This will now be one of my reference books!” (Fred DeVito, executive vice president and cofounder of exhale , cocreator of Core Fusion™ barre, and coauthor of Barre Fitness)

“Rebecca Gordon is one of the best astrologers I’ve ever met. She’s authentic, funny, and extremely talented! I recommend her work and Your Body and the Stars to everyone!” (Gabby Bernstein, New York Times bestselling author of Miracles Now)