Post-eclipse, dynamism, and your foot

Unless you spent last week in a cave, you are likely aware that the US experienced a total solar eclipse, the first one visible in the contiguous US since 1979. For a society that tends to take our environment for granted, it’s kind of amazing how much activity the eclipse catalyzed. Many folks honored our cosmos by gathering to watch Mother Nature’s marvel, stopping work to witness it, purchasing sunglasses to see it, travelling to experience it, spending time reading about it, discussing it, holding rituals around it…and so-on-and-so-forth. Whether we realized it or not, by mixing-up our daily routines we were taking part in a longstanding belief that eclipses do exactly that— catalyze change, at all levels (a particularly dark… READ MORE

The matter with energy

As you’ve likely noticed, I talk a lot about energy. How we are it, have it, and live in a world of it. All in an attempt to take science out of the books and into our lives so we can walk our talks. It’s no mean feat understanding what energy means…especially given that different people use it different ways. For instance, in physics, energy is defined as a property that everything in the universe can have…but not a thing, itself. Which is why we can derive it from mass (e.g. solar energy from the sun), momentum (e.g. elastic energy from a stretched rubber band) and more. In our layperson life, we use energy to refer to many different things,… READ MORE

Why 7-Eleven plays classical music in the parking lot, Or, A “high-vibe” life

In the past couple of decades, classical music has been used as a deterrent against loitering (in the parking lot at 7-Elevens), punishment for mis-behaving (at a school in Derby, England) and a tool for relaxation (at the Port Authority in New York City). The same song used for a variety of purposes. How so? Maybe it has to do with the song’s vibe in relationship to yours. Meaning, at home after work, Mozart may help facilitate calm as you sip wine to unwind. But if you’re in more of a go-go-go state – at a nightclub, for example—then the same sonata might seem aggravating as your body yearns for faster-paced tunes to match its mood. It all depends on… READ MORE


Earlier today, a repairman came to look at my chimney and told me that its structure was faulty. Over time, the liner had cracked, bricks were out of place, and debris had accumulated. Our body reflects the body of the world so, of course, his words reminded me of skin that cracks, bones that shift, and residue in our colons. Our bodies have many structures—skeletal, digestive, cellular, etc—and they change over time through a combination of nature (hello gravity!) and nurture (helloooooo chocolate). This process of transformation—whether over the course of a day or a lifetime—is a beautiful and intricate dance of many variables that science has only begun to understand. Fortunately, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist… READ MORE


To die and be reborn, you gotta be resilient. After last month’s newsletter discussing how childbirth was a portal to a new me, many of you shared stories of your own personal phoenix rising from the ashes: moving out of an abusive work situation and into a new state, new job, & new hobbies (including climbing 500ft trees!); taking a financial hit but still starting the integrative health practice you were born for; overcoming personal loss to—finally!—write the book that has been inside of you for years; fracturing a bone and, instead of becoming your own best victim, viewing the injury as a lesson to slow down and enjoy life’s journey…and slowing down & enjoying life’s journey. You are transitioning… READ MORE

Looking in the bathroom mirror you see your body. A five-pointed star comprised of arms, legs, torso, head…and about 40 trillion cells. Yup, you’re nothin’ but a beautiful sac of cells. But it gets even better! If we were to peer into your cells, we would see that they were made of atoms, the building blocks of all matter. If we were to look even closer at these atoms, we would see that there isn’t really any thing there. That neither atoms nor their components (protons, electrons and neutrons) are solid. They are primarily a bunch of electromagnetic forces dancing together. And it gets even weirder from there! (Hence, the term quantum weirdness). The point being: You are comprised entirely… READ MORE

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