The multiverse, remote controls, and Gwyneth Paltrow

So we continue to explore what it means to be bodies without walls. Meaning, the energy-frequency-field structure you are doesn’t stop at your skin. Kind of like a flame, whose glow appears condensed at the candle’s wick… but then radiates into a halo of light…and thereafter dissipates slowly, without a hard-and-fast end. But we’ll talk more about this later. For now, we’re going to talk about something even weirder: many versions of you! Many versions of you require many universes to live in…and in comes the concept of the multiverse. In the quantum mechanics “many worlds” interpretation, our world is only one of many possible worlds that exist simultaneously.  ‘Possible’ because the quantum tree is a probabilistic one…with outcome depending… READ MORE

Biophotons, your aura, and celery sticks (Or, living the light you are)

In last month’s newsletter, we discussed how energy means different things to different people. Well, the same goes for light. But instead of reviewing the myriad ways in which you hear the word “light”—referencing everything from ceiling fixtures to the divinity within—I just want to skip to the part where you ARE light. Legit. So let’s discuss biophotons, because if you haven’t heard about them already, you likely will soon. Bio means ‘life’, and a photon is a bundle of light. Hence a biophoton is a bundle of light that your body emits. All living bodies—frogs, bats, the guy next to you—do. This light is made of ultraweak particles/waves (depending on how you’re measuring them) that are invisible to the naked eye,… READ MORE

Your houseplants have eyes (and your brain has waves)

According to a recent study published in Trends in Plant Science, your houseplants have eyes. So does the cabbage you ate for dinner. Well, technically they are very basic “eyespots,” but either way what we’re talking about is visionary vegetation. At first glance, the idea seems a bit odd. And yet, it’s not new to the science arena. It’s an idea that has been proposed by many different researchers, even dating as far back as 1907. This is how ideas, in general, seem to work: they exist in a collective sphere that we tap into when the time is right. Which could explain why several individuals may tap into the same idea, as with Pablo Picasso, Georges Braque and Cubism, and… READ MORE


Earlier today, a repairman came to look at my chimney and told me that its structure was faulty. Over time, the liner had cracked, bricks were out of place, and debris had accumulated. Our body reflects the body of the world so, of course, his words reminded me of skin that cracks, bones that shift, and residue in our colons. Our bodies have many structures—skeletal, digestive, cellular, etc—and they change over time through a combination of nature (hello gravity!) and nurture (helloooooo chocolate). This process of transformation—whether over the course of a day or a lifetime—is a beautiful and intricate dance of many variables that science has only begun to understand. Fortunately, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist… READ MORE


When you are stressed, where do you feel it in your body? Place one hand on that area. Chances are, answering that question took you less time than reading this sentence. Perhaps you put your hand on your neck (i.e. muscle tension), head (i.e. headaches), or gut (i.e. digestive discomfort)…the list is as long as the stressors responsible for them. If I were to ask you what’s causing the stress, my guess is that those of you with neck tension would not reply, “interaction of actin and myosin filaments,” just as those with headaches wouldn’t say “problems with pain-sensitive structures in my head.” Even though these physical realities exist, it is more likely that you’d mention a fight with a… READ MORE

What’s your sign…and what does it have to do with your health?

“What’s your sign?” It is a question that floats around society—friends ask it, newspapers print it, and movies script it. You might not remember when you first learned about your sign—or how—but chances are that you not only know it, but also the basic attributes associated with it. For instance, Leos are known to be charismatic and courageous, while Aries are active and headstrong. Leo, Aries, Aquarius… whatever your ‘sign,’ the reference is usually to your sun sign—the zodiac sign the sun was rotating through during the month of your birth (e.g. individuals born July 23 – August 22 are of the sun sign Leo). As with most fields of study, there is more than meets the eye and this… READ MORE


In last month’s newsletter we discussed your hands, and your ability to communicate your thoughts and feelings with them. We talked about the intricate arrangement of bones, joints and muscles that leads to their nuanced movements and the myriad gestures you can subsequently make (think: American Sign Language). Even if just for a moment, did you pay any more attention to how you use your hands?  Do you clench them in fists at a tense meeting? Let them dangle while walking down the street? Extend them in Warrior 2 pose? Apparently, I move my hands almost as quickly as I move my mouth 😉 Long story short: I was on a Connecticut Style TV segment and got to witness—from the… READ MORE


Look at your two hands and appreciate them for a moment. [Pause]. Evolutionarily speaking, our hands are a defining aspect of the human species. In fact, much of our ability to walk on two feet (bipedalism) is so that we can use our hands to gather and eat food, communicate (signing was a proto-language), and make tools to create (and destroy) things. This handiness took millions of years to evolve. So how handy are you? What do you do with your hands every day? Apart from texting and typing, your hands are quite amazing in their ability to bring your thoughts and dreams to life. In other words: to manifest (note how not-so-coincidentally the Latin root manus means “hand”). For… READ MORE


Your body literally brings to life the story of the stars. And they are not as hard to access as you might think because they already live and breathe within you. Really. Stars consist primarily of helium and hydrogen, and during their life-death cycles over the past billions of years, they have fabricated almost every other element, as well, including carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen. Lo and behold, these essential elements are the same ones that comprise life as we know it; the same ones found in the soil, grass, food… and you. Hydrogen, for instance, is part of the water molecule (H2O) that constitutes over half of your body’s mass. Carbon is distributed throughout the double strands of your DNA…. READ MORE


To die and be reborn, you gotta be resilient. After last month’s newsletter discussing how childbirth was a portal to a new me, many of you shared stories of your own personal phoenix rising from the ashes: moving out of an abusive work situation and into a new state, new job, & new hobbies (including climbing 500ft trees!); taking a financial hit but still starting the integrative health practice you were born for; overcoming personal loss to—finally!—write the book that has been inside of you for years; fracturing a bone and, instead of becoming your own best victim, viewing the injury as a lesson to slow down and enjoy life’s journey…and slowing down & enjoying life’s journey. You are transitioning… READ MORE

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