Feeling charged, table salt + the tango

In the last newsletter, we talked about electrons, the negatively-charged particles that give and receive light. But they don’t live alone. Their home is the atom, and within the atom they rotate around the nucleus. The nucleus is the central core, containing positively-charged protons that give it, well, a positive charge. Neutrons are there, too, but are neutral. So … each atom consists of a positively-charged nucleus, surrounded by one or more negatively-charged electrons. When the positive charges equal the negative charges, the atom has no overall charge; it is electrically neutral. If it has a charge, it’s called an ion; sodium, for example, is an ion (when you drink ions in Gatorade, you’re used to hearing about them as ‘electrolytes’). Note that a ‘positive’ charge doesn’t mean… READ MORE

Lots of gifts, even more electrons + Yoda

Recently, for whatever reason, I’ve been thinking about ‘receiving.’ Like, REALLY receiving. Sure, I’ve received stuff all my life: mail, food deliveries, birthday presents, compliments, big lessons that come from big ass-kickings, etc. But I’m starting to witness a realm of receiving in which the gift is like a whisper. It is not glaringly obvious at the surface; you have to listen closely to even get that it’s there, let alone a gift. And the gift isn’t necessarily material; it could be a job, a space of time…ultimately it’s something that you need at a deep level, that the universal-forces-that-be are giving you … if you’re able to receive it. The gift may require aborting prior plans or doing something… READ MORE

Synchronicity, spookiness + your shoes

A propos to last month’s newsletter: Listen to the sound of the Milky Way rotating. You know, the galaxy you/me/we are in right now. For the composition, astronomers transformed astronomical data about galactic gases into musical notes. Apparently, our galaxy grooves to upbeat jazz/blues 🙂 Speaking of life in our galaxy…classical mechanics and quantum mechanics are ways of describing life/the universe/everything from a physics lens: Classical mechanics (CM): Describes the motion of big things, from your arms and legs, to planets and galaxies. It’s deterministic. Causal. It breaks down, however, when applied to extremely small objects or objects moving near the speed of light. Which leads us to… Quantum mechanics (QM): Describes the motion and interaction of really small things like subatomic particles, incorporating the concepts of quantization of energy, wave-particle duality, the uncertainty principle, etc. It’s probablistic…. READ MORE

Your beating heart, black holes + Flashdance

Be still my beating heart. Or not. Because if it were still for more than about 5 minutes, you’d be dead. But there are probably times that you wish your heart were more still than it was…like on a roller coaster ride, or when someone provokes your anger, or just before giving a big presentation. When you feel overwhelmed—and otherwise—your heart responds: In general, feelings of emotional stress – including emotions such as anger, frustration, and anxiety—give rise to heart rhythm patterns that appear irregular and erratic. In contrast, positive emotions send a very different signal throughout our body. When we experience uplifting emotions such as appreciation, joy, care, and love; our heart rhythm pattern becomes highly ordered, looking like… READ MORE

Your knee, my lack of patience + Einstein

If you were to stare at your knee for the next minute, it would probably feel like an hour. In that same minute, if you were to watch your favorite TV show, you would wonder where the time went and be left wanting more. And yet, as measured by a clock, those sixty seconds are the same in each scenario. Well, at least in the clock’s point of view. And, yes, the clock has a point of view because it arbitrates time only in so far as each of us do, which is to say relatively (which is why the best referee for one clock is another clock). This is explained by the Twin Paradox. Super-simply: one twin travels at high speed… READ MORE

Your body, my yoga teacher + the Andromeda galaxy

In yoga class last week, my teacher said that “the body is not eternal.” I get what she means: If there is a part of us that enters heaven, it is most likely our soul, spirit, or some derivation thereof. The egoic mind goes goodbye, and the body decomposes in dirt. And yet. I believe that our bodies are eternal. No, your body won’t look the same after it dies. But it doesn’t look the same today as it will tomorrow, or did yesterday…let alone 14 billion years ago. That’s when your body was born. And that’s why it’s eternal. Because your atoms (the building blocks of all matter) came from stars that lived a looong time ago and recently recycled themselves as you…. READ MORE

My bday, your bare minimum + glowing in the dark

It’s as if a quickening occurred. An up-tick in time that was like a blink in which November turned into December. And so we find ourselves moments before a new year. While engulfed in flames. Gives a whole new meaning to “out with the old, in with the new.” And I’m not trying to be glib (for once). My heart extends to every person, place and thing affected in California…and everywhere else in the world that is either literally or figuratively on fire. Fire is amazing. Humans have (somewhat) controlled its use for possibly 1 million years and, during that time, it has enabled us to stay warm, keep predators at bay, cook food, create fuel and even meditate; in fact,… READ MORE

Post-eclipse, dynamism, and your foot

Unless you spent last week in a cave, you are likely aware that the US experienced a total solar eclipse, the first one visible in the contiguous US since 1979. For a society that tends to take our environment for granted, it’s kind of amazing how much activity the eclipse catalyzed. Many folks honored our cosmos by gathering to watch Mother Nature’s marvel, stopping work to witness it, purchasing sunglasses to see it, travelling to experience it, spending time reading about it, discussing it, holding rituals around it…and so-on-and-so-forth. Whether we realized it or not, by mixing-up our daily routines we were taking part in a longstanding belief that eclipses do exactly that— catalyze change, at all levels (a particularly dark… READ MORE

The multiverse, remote controls, and Gwyneth Paltrow

So we continue to explore what it means to be bodies without walls. Meaning, the energy-frequency-field structure you are doesn’t stop at your skin. Kind of like a flame, whose glow appears condensed at the candle’s wick… but then radiates into a halo of light…and thereafter dissipates slowly, without a hard-and-fast end. But we’ll talk more about this later. For now, we’re going to talk about something even weirder: many versions of you! Many versions of you require many universes to live in…and in comes the concept of the multiverse. In the quantum mechanics “many worlds” interpretation, our world is only one of many possible worlds that exist simultaneously.  ‘Possible’ because the quantum tree is a probabilistic one…with outcome depending… READ MORE

Biophotons, your aura, and celery sticks (Or, living the light you are)

In last month’s newsletter, we discussed how energy means different things to different people. Well, the same goes for light. But instead of reviewing the myriad ways in which you hear the word “light”—referencing everything from ceiling fixtures to the divinity within—I just want to skip to the part where you ARE light. Legit. So let’s discuss biophotons, because if you haven’t heard about them already, you likely will soon. Bio means ‘life’, and a photon is a bundle of light. Hence a biophoton is a bundle of light that your body emits. All living bodies—frogs, bats, the guy next to you—do. This light is made of ultraweak particles/waves (depending on how you’re measuring them) that are invisible to the naked eye,… READ MORE

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