It’s time to live our science. All of it.

Including the 99.9999999% of ‘space’ that constitutes us. Space that is not empty. Space that is comprised of quantum fields, wave functions, etc.

Beyond what you read in science books, you may already sense this space, this energy.*  You might experience days that are ‘low’ versus ‘high’ energy, meet people you sense as having ‘good’ or ‘bad’ vibes. And when you need a lift, you may listen to an ‘energizing’ song.

The connection between energy as-written-in-the-books and as-experienced-in-your-life is not well understood. But that does not mean that your energy (beyond cellular physiology) does not exist. Remember: X-rays, microbes and radio waves were around eons before we had the means to perceive them. And now via photographic film, microscopes, and antennae (respectively), our access to them is commonplace.

You can regularly understand and access your energy, too.

And in my experience, the implications of more fully accessing your energy are staggering and transforming. Because we’re talking about the fabric of the universe; 99.9999999% of the fabric of you.

If you are open-minded and ready, explore this space with me here. It can help you be (all of) you.

*Nota bene: Don’t get confused by the simplistic way energy is referenced here, or otherwise. It’s a complex topic and difficult to describe in a few sentences. This is true within the field of physics and equally so for my work, which deals with a realm of subtle energy that is still under exploration by scientific, medical and health communities. It’s not that this realm doesn’t exist, just that we don’t have mainstream technologies and taxonomy for it. Yet. So out of deference to simplicity and your time, I am currently using energy as more of a layperson-friendly, catch-all term. Read more here.

Stephanie Marango, MD, RYT, a graduate of Stanford University and the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, is a physician, educator, and leader in bio-energy medicine. She works with the reality of your body as energy, taking science from the books and into your life. Dr. Stephanie has been featured throughout media like Fitness, Well+Good, SiriusXM, and WABC radio. She also lectures regularly to health practitioners and students nationwide at venues like medical centers, health centers, and industry conferences. She has authored a variety of works from peer-reviewed research featured in Anatomical Sciences Education, to popular books such as Your Body and The Stars (featured twice on Dr. Oz) and The Wisdom of Your Body, as well as the educational FAMI functional anatomy app series and a new Netter’s anatomy text (publication 2018).

An aside: Before the 6-car collision that catalyzed my medical path, I never thought I would be doing this form of work. Funny where life takes you if you let it. But I have learned a lot along the way, including that everyone has a similar capacity to understand and work with energy. It takes a truly open mind and the capacity to listen. Because—as I continue to find out— the more you listen, the more you hear.