In last month’s newsletter we discussed your hands, and your ability to communicate your thoughts and feelings with them. We talked about the intricate arrangement of bones, joints and muscles that leads to their nuanced movements and the myriad gestures you can subsequently make (think: American Sign Language).

Even if just for a moment, did you pay any more attention to how you use your hands?  Do you clench them in fists at a tense meeting? Let them dangle while walking down the street? Extend them in Warrior 2 pose? Apparently, I move my hands almost as quickly as I move my mouth 😉

Long story short: I was on a Connecticut Style TV segment and got to witness—from the camera’s vantage point— the alacrity of my movements. Now, I see nothing wrong with enthusiastic discourse. But viewing that clip from the vantage point of 95 degree weather, I also see a general need to slow down.

And summer provides a setting conducive to a kinder, gentler equilibrium.

Our bodies are always looking to maintain equilibrium. In the summer, this balance requires a bit more work because it’s harder for your body’s internal heat (which is constantly generated by cellular metabolism) to escape into a hotter, 90-degree environment than into a cooler, 60-degree one. Which is why summer makes it more difficult for you to do what you normally do…and which is why going with the slow flow not only feels good, but also helps your body out.

How can you be slow inside and out? With one small, healthy step at a time (in my experience, slowly adopting new, healthy patterns is what allows them to stick). Try this calming Jin Shin Jyutsu ritual that has you stand still, breathe and get in touch with your body (literally). You’ll be amazed at its calming effect whether you do it in the morning or evening. And it only takes 2-5 minutes.

Slowly but surely wins your (lifelong health) race. A cliché at this point, but also true.

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